Inside a shopping centre with a view of escalators.

3 October, 2018

The Best Lanyards For Retail Stores

Are you running a retail store and planning to distribute lanyards to your sales clerk and your other staff, you might want to give them our ribbed lanyards.

Our lanyards are made from woven polyester materials which are available in the 15, 20, and 25 widths. It also comes with a metal or simple plastic hook or alligator clips. Our lanyards are available in bulk orders, and you can surely find the perfect colour for your brand since we offer it in a wide range of colours which include the following; 

You may choose which colour would best fit your industry and have it customised by screen printing your brand’s name and logo including the different departments of your business like for human resource, marketing, or sales. These lanyards are perfect for your employees for their IDs, and also beneficial for your company promotion.

Custom Lanyards are perfect tools to showcase your brand.

The Just Lanyards Team